16 Fun Facts About Pianos

Fun Facts About Piano

1. Even though piano is a stringed instrument, it’s placed in the Percussion section in a symphony orchestra.

2. The total string tension in a concert grand is close to Thirty Tons!

3. The Piano was invented in 1698 by an Italian, Bartolomeo Cristofori.

4. There are over 12,000 parts in a piano, 10,000 which are moving.

5. The term Grand was first used in 1777.

6. Piano keys were originally made from ivory, thus the origin of the phrase, “tickle the ivories.”

7. Another little known fact is that there are only two basic types of pianos. The first is the “Upright” and the second is the “Grand”.

8. Abraham Lincoln used Chickering Grand #5070 while at the White House.

9. The first note (on a standard 88 note keyboard) is A .

10. The last note of the keyboard is C.

11. Nickelodeon is a general term used to describe various electrical coin operated pianos.

12. A little known fact about pianos is that the “Grands” can actually be played faster than the “Uprights.” Why? It’s because of the vertical and horizontal layouts of the strings.

13. The world’s largest piano is made by the Challen company. It’s a Concert Grand that measures 11 feet, 8 inches long. It weighs over one ton.

14. Another little known facts about pianos is that they are called “The King of the Musical Instruments.” The piano holds this honor because of its massive size, for one reason. Another reason is that it has the largest range of tones.

15. On the average, a piano has approximately 220 to 230 strings.

16. The name piano is an abbreviation of Cristofori’s original name for the instrument: piano et forte or soft and loud.


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